Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When will it end?

The Alaskan Review

Senator Murkowski says now that she plans to announce Friday whether or not she will run a write-in campaign. In the past few days there were rumblings and official talk of her running on the Libertarian ticket. this would have required the candidate elect to voluntarily step aside after he had won his own primary, and the blessing of the higher-ups of the Libertarian party.

Monday both sides were tripping over themselves to give statements and get press coverage about how things really were. David Haase, the libertarian candidate, said that he would not be stepping aside, while the Murkowski said that she couldn't "in good faith" run on the libertarian ticket. She also stated: "(I) will not wrap myself in the flag of another political party for the sake of election at any cost" even though she admitted publicly that she was in talks with party leadership.

Other notable quotes include this gem: "As disappointed as I am in the outcome of the primary and my belief that the Alaska Republican Party was hijacked by the Tea Party Express, an Outside extremist group, I am not going to quit my party". That "extremist" group got two thousand more votes than she did on the day that matters most, election day.


Prediction time:

Will Sen Murkowski run a write-in campaign?

Does she have a realistic chance of winning if she does?