Friday, September 17, 2010

*Breaking News*

The Alaskan Review

There are strong rumors that Murkowski will try to be the next Strom Thurmond, the last senator to run a successful write-in campaign in 1954.


Bonnie Jack, an elections observer for the Murkowski campaign sent out an email today that invited supporters to the "kickoff of Sen. Lisa Murkowski's campaign." and to: "Write in her name and fill in the oval. We plan to make history." 

"She's our senior senator. She is the best thing that Alaska has had for years and years, not taking anything away from Ted Stevens. She knows what Alaska needs, she knows what Alaska wants, and she works her hardest to get it done..." Jack also stated.

Senator Murkowski will make an official announcement at 5PM local time.

more as info becomes available...


  1. tell me what the senator says once she is done k

  2. it looks like you're headed in the right direction with this post...

  3. I'm interested to see where this leads Alaska.


    I thought this was illuminating.

  5. @ PolishMeKnob

    I like how he referenced a wikipedia article in which there is only one senatorial candidate who has ever been elected, and then states that there is plenty of precedent of write-ins winning elections. You must compare apples to apples, and the last and only time a write-in has won a senate seat was in 1954.

    That being said Alaska is one of the only states in which it can succeed. There are several things she must do though. I'm feeling a post coming on...

  6. I'll see the result in your next blog post I presume :)