Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Hard Facts

The Alaskan Review

Lisa Murkowski announced yesterday that she will run for re-election as a write-in candidate. In her speech last night she quoted the late Sen. Ted Stevens saying, ""She's a fighter who stands up for what is right. I trust her commitment to do what's best for Alaska." And so today, my friends, my campaign for Alaska's future begins."

Fox News, on the Gretta Van Susteren show, had a reaction from Joe Miller immediately after the speech was over, and he also opened with a quote from the late senator: "I do hope that we can avoid electing people who would destroy another Republican in order to bring about personal success." Miller went on to say that Murkowski had said the Friday before the primary election that she would support the will of the electorate as demonstrated in the primary.

Gretta then asked whether or not Miller had spoken to Murkowski, and he replied that not only had he, but that Murkowski had left him a "fairly nasty voicemail". Miller then refused to get in to the details of the voicemail just saying it was "inappropriate" His words left a feeling as though he either didn't want to stoop to that level, or that he might be saving it for ammunition for later in the campaign. When Pressed on the contents of the voicemail he said, "I think that when somebody accuses somebody of (lack of) integrity, and then they go back on their own word later... that's what that was about."

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Scott McAdams had this to say: “Now it’s a three-way race... We’ve got the extreme, radical views of the Tea Party Express, and what they bring to the table. We’ve got Lisa Murkowski, some of her corporate views, and her experience in really doing the bidding of multinational corporations, and then we’ve got myself: A Democrat, a small town mayor, an Alaskan, someone who’s served 8 years in elected office to Lisa’s 12. I take issue with her comment about our experience. We’re very experienced and understand our communities well. So this thing is wide open.”

Now the facts:
Very little polling has been done here in Alaska but there was one poll done by Public Policy Polling: here are the full results(PDF, pops up).

"Miller leads Democratic nominee Scott McAdams 47-39. McAdams benefits from a more united party, getting 81% of the Democratic vote to Miller’s 73% of the
Republicans. The candidates split even with independents at 42%, a good number for Democrats in a year where their candidates are largely getting blown out with that group of voters.

In a three way race with Murkowski running as a Libertarian Miller would still lead but with only 38% to 34% for Murkowski and 22% for McAdams. The folks who go for Murkowski favor McAdams 47-23 in a two way contest so somewhat counterintuitively she would actually hurt Democratic chances even though she’d de facto make it a race with 2 Republicans and a Democrat."
Public Policy Polling Raleigh, NC


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