Tuesday, September 7, 2010

KPB Meeting Tonight

The Alaskan Review

Kenai Peninsula Borough  Meeting Tonight

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In progress...
*Will update as the meeting progresses*

zzzz... nothing of note yet. Breaking their arms patting each other and themselves on the back.

Voted: YES to buy the adjacent property to the Hospital 8-1
Voted: Unanimous Consent to pay for snow-machines
Voted: Unanimous Consent to pay for the Shower Replacement Act
Voted: Unanimous Consent for $185K for ambulance for Nikiski
Voted: Unanimous Consent for money for stage equipment at the high-school
Voted: Unanimous Consent for 5 million for roads from the state.
Voted: Unanimous Consent for Separate approval for pay raises pamphlet
Voted: Unanimous Consent for a feasibility study for public transportation
reconvene at 8:45pm

Hospital stuff... vote coming on the introduction of an ordinance to sign a letter of intent for entering into an agreement to sell the majority share of the local community owned hospital to a LPH (a private company).

The ordinance is non-binding and has been accused of not creating a dialog between the people and the Hospital board by detractors. Not signing it would possibly incur a $300k penalty to the borough.

Straw-poll of the room is 19 against vs 7 for, the introduction of the amendment. this does not reflect the council members positions, just the make-up of the room.

Amendment to have another public hearing... vote  5 yes vs 4 no on Oct 26.

Vote to move that the ordinance be put forward  4 YES vs 5 NO !!

vote on planning commission's decision to vacate an obscure easement but not the right-of-way: No action.

arm breaking/back-patting is commencing again.


Next meeting Sept 21. in Homer, AK


  1. I can't believe how unattached I am from politics. I keep a fairly close eye on it, but nothing on the lower levels like this. I just never think about how many things they have to deal with: snow machines, high school stage equipment, pay raises pamphlets. I guess I take all the smaller stuff for granted

  2. small-time stuff is more fun anyway because it is alot easier to affect. The pamphlet thing was funny because i got the feeling that the raises were being forgotten about in the back of the report. This is a common tactic of companies when they report earnings. I was in a School District in Texas that put their raises in a footer comment on the last page of the annual report!

    Not saying that is what is happening here at all. But more transparency is a good thing if it doesn't cost to much to re-print a second pamphlet.

  3. alaskan politics are heaps more interesting then australia politics

  4. @polyesterr

    lol yeah the first half was... but the second half got a little heated. They are considering the sale of the local hospital that the taxpayers paid for to a private firm. Understandably people on both sides are passionate.

  5. That's a lot of unanimous votes. Kinda wish we had that over here, but having counter arguments is also important

  6. Glad to see in Alaska the people are sure what they want!

  7. wow dude that was pretty detailed, I hope you keep writing

  8. haha, detailed, yet not the most exciting thing. love the writing style so far though. :)

  9. "Shower Replacement Act" what lol.